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Greenfield Seitz Capital Management
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Greenfield Seitz Capital Management

Greenfield Seitz Capital Management (GSCM) is a registered investment advisor managing equity portfolios for individuals and institutions. Our goal is to provide exceptional risk-adjusted returns over the long-term by investing in quality companies.

Greenfield and Seitz personally comprise the largest investment in the assets managed by Greenfield Seitz Capital Management.

A minimum initial investment of $1 million is required to limit investors, ensuring highest level of service.
Past Performance The Process Going Forward
Our past performance illustrates what we have accomplished for our clients. Click here for our 10-year historical returns and GIPS verification. We aim to invest in companies with outstanding management teams, operating in attractive industries with dominant market positions.  Click here to learn how we identify attractive investments. The investments we make today determine the strength of our portfolios tomorrow. Click here to read Greenfield Seitz Capital Management Annual Reports.
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